Cancer Suppport Group

If you have just learned about your Cancer diagnosis, you may be feeling too numb to think about what you need to manage the stress and anxiety that naturally comes with diagnosis and treatment. Dealing with the feelings and changes cancer can bring can be lonely even when you are surrounded by loving and supportive people. Talking to someone may be the first step in helping you cope with the uncertainty ahead. What we must remember is that in our most desperate moments in life, it is God who has often led us to the very place we cry out from … the place where we face the impossibilities.
The goal of living a life of faith is never to go against God, but to go with Him. It isn’t about us  just getting what we want, it’s about seeking Gods best, then trusting Him with His answer and  God answers us in three ways, He says yes, He says No, and the hardest of them all is when He says to wait. We must learn to wait on the Lord.

Psalm 69: 3
Lord I am exhausted from crying for help
My throat is parched
My eyes are swollen from weeping
Waiting for my God to help me

Anything that drops us to our knees and brings us to the foot of the cross is good for us. We can be certain that deliverance is just around the corner. The problem is that we give up, just before God shows up. What we don’t realize in our time of desperation is that if God is guiding our steps, if He’s directing our lives then He has allowed us to be brought into the very valley in which we cry out for mercy.

What you have to do is let the storms come, and let the waters rise; God is taking you deeper – This won’t be your last storm. God has brought you to a place of Helplessness and Hopelessness so you will find that when you are in need, He is all you need. Remember the Lord your God goes with You; He will never leave You; nor forsake You.

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